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The miracle of motherhood

No matter what you’ve thought about having a baby before, when you become pregnant there is no doubt that this is a miracle! The whole experience of pregnancy and maternity has its ups and downs – but the magic of growing a new human being is paramount.

Recording that amazing experience needs to be in the hands of a professional – not just your obstetrician! An experienced photographer will create maternity memories that simply can’t be matched.

Most people are keen to have photos of the newborn (and we can do that too), but forget about the mother-to-be. At best they have a few pictures that don’t do justice to an amazing period in your life. You can change that with a carefully and tastefully created pregnancy portrait that celebrates the life creation process.

It you want to ensure your memories are not only in your mind please ensure you book your maternity portrait session well ahead. An ideal time to take this kind of picture is around 34 weeks. If you leave it any later, you never know if junior may decide to put in an early appearance!

Tips for the day

  • Don’t wear anything tight that may leave marks on your skin.
  • If possible, leave your bra off for at least an hour before we start (but, if you simply can’t bear to do this, strap marks can be airbrushed out later).
  • Wear something simple without a busy pattern or logos.
  • Eat before you come so you’re not starving during the shoot.
  • If you’re having the shoot at home we can explore different outfits. You can choose to have your maternity portrait fully clothed, partly clothed or unclothed. It’s entirely up to you and you choose what you feel most comfortable with. You can ask your partner or a friend to come along for support too.

    You’ll get the opportunity to talk about what you want before we even start thinking about poses and clothes, so don’t worry. You’ll be completely in control of what happens and we’ll be completely in control of creating truly memorable maternity pictures.

    Call us on 07961 137623 to discuss how you can start creating memories that you’ll treasure.

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