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Charity Dinners

Charity dinners are all about raising donations and interest for your chosen charity. What better way for guests to remember the evening with a professionally taken photograph and a donation to your cause for every one sold?

For charitable events your photographer is FREE! All you and your quests pay for are the very reasonably priced professional photographs taken on the night. That’s of course if you like them – it’s optional for the guests to purchase of course.

We have such confidence in our photographer’s ability to deliver shots people will love that we are also happy to make a generous donation from the evening’s photography sales to the chosen charity; our team are highly experienced in putting people at ease and getting the flash and lighting just right for a perfect result every time.

Presenting each photo in a frame it’s a great way for guests to remember the event and the cause whilst also helping to raise more money for it.

How it works

We bring our portable studio with backdrop, the latest digital cameras and our instant processing facility that can produce prints less than a minute after they are taken. Each photo is framed and if you like it – you can buy it. We will donate a percentage of each sale back to your charity.

Photos are also available online for ordering after the events or we can put together an album of the whole night; just let us know what you need; contact us today or send us an online enquiry for more details.


Registered charities raising funds from their Dinners, Balls, Themed Nights and P.T.A functions. No charge to the organiser - a saving of £150.(normal attendance charge)

Photographs bought on the night are £15.00 - a small saving from buying online and a percentage will go back to your chosen charity. The size of the photographs is 9 inches by 6 inches which come in a stylish mount.

Photographs sold at £15.00

If we sell 50 photographs - £125.00 donation back to charity

If we sell 100 photographs - £250.00 plus a bonus £250 donation back to charity

With a donation going back to the charity or ladies festival at the end of the evening.

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